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  Zeolite Applications  
  Agriculture Agriculture
Ecological agricultural products, cultivation medium, soil treatment and remediation, golf courses.
  Animals Animals
Animal feed additive, animal waste treatment, fish farms and pet care products.
  Water Treatment Water Treatment
Municipal and industrial water treatment. Ammonia and heavy metal removal.
  Swimming Pool Filtration Swimming Pools
Filter medium for swimming pool filters. Replaces sand and improves filter performance.
  Construction Materials Construction
Construction materials, lightweight concrete, ceramics and frits.
  Industrial uses Industry
Absorbant, dehumidification, gas seperation, filtration.
  Health Health
Human dietary supplement, diarrhea treatment, absorbent for personal care products.
Golf Courses
Natural zeolites are nature’s own slow release fertilizers. Zeolites hold plant nutrients (such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and nitrogen in the form of ammonium) within the zeolite structure and release them on demand by a process of ion exchange.
Zeolites also hold water in their porous structure which means that plants always have a reservoir of water and nutrients readily available in the soil.
The combination of these effects reduces water and fertilizer consumption because less water is lost due to filtration and evaporation and less fertilizers are lost due to leaching.
The use of natural zeolites in agriculture and horticulture is growing as more people become aware of the benefits they offer. Zeolites increase the cation exchange capacity and water retention properties of soils which leads to healthier plants, better yields, reductions in water and fertilizer consumption and a reduction in nitrification of underground water.
Zeolites can be used to modify poor quality soils, or as an additive in substrate mixtures, or they can be used in pure form as a cultivation medium. They can also be modified to make slow release fertilisers and can be used as support for herbicides, pesticides or micro-organisms which promote healthy plant growth.
With increasing restrictions on the use of agrochemicals, zeolites offer an ecological alternative way forward for the modern farmer concerned about the effects of intensive cultivation on the environment.
Zeolites are currently used in the following ways:
Production of ecological agricultural products
Production of slow release fertilizers
Intensive olive plantations
Golf course and sports field construction and maintenance
Commercial fruit and vegetable production
Flower and ornamental plant cultivation
Bonsai and cactus cultivation
For more information on research and new developments in the application of zeolite technology in the field of agriculture and horticulture, please consult the R+D page of this website.
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