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  Zeolite Applications  
  Agriculture Agriculture
Ecological agricultural products, cultivation medium, soil treatment and remediation, golf courses.
  Animals Animals
Animal feed additive, animal waste treatment, fish farms and pet care products.
  Water Treatment Water Treatment
Municipal and industrial water treatment. Ammonia and heavy metal removal.
  Swimming Pool Filtration Swimming Pools
Filter medium for swimming pool filters. Replaces sand and improves filter performance.
  Construction Materials Construction
Construction materials, lightweight concrete, ceramics and frits.
  Industrial uses Industry
Absorbant, dehumidification, gas seperation, filtration.
  Health Health
Human dietary supplement, diarrhea treatment, absorbent for personal care products.
    Industrial Uses  
Industrial Uses
Soil Remediation
Gas Separation
Radioactive Waste
Natural zeolites have a wide range of potential applications in many different types of industry. Synthetic zeolites are perhaps more well known than their natural counterparts as sythetic zeolites have been used in industry for many years to perfrom various functions ranging from molecular seiving to bulking agents and fillers in detergents and paints.
Natural zeolites are not as versatile but they are much cheaper to buy that synthetic zeolites, and natural zeolites can perform many useful functions.
Examples of possible uses are:
Air filtration - to remove ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, fouls smells, particulate contamination and moisture.
Dehumidification - in industry and in the home, zeolites are now found in air conditioning units.
Gas separation - zeolites are natural molecular seives. Clinoptilolite can remove carbon dioxide from methane for example.
Absorption - to clean up spillages of hazardous chemicals. Zeolites are highly absorbent and chemically stable.
Nuclear waste - zeolites are used to adsorb Cs and Sr from laboratory waste. Radio isotopes can be adsorbed into the zeolite by ion exchange, and the zeolite can then be transformed into glass to permanently lock away the waste for safe disposal.
Decontamination - zeolites can be used to adsorb pollution from contaminated sites. It is particularly useful in removing heavy metal contamination from soils, and can absorb all kinds of hazardous liquids.
Water treatment - see the Water Treatment page of this website for more information on industrial water treatment.
Zeolites can also be modified in various ways to produce new and innovative products for various applications. For more information on the applications mentioned above, and some new ideas for using natural zeolites, please go to the R+D page of our website.
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