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  Zeolite Applications  
  Agriculture Agriculture
Ecological agricultural products, cultivation medium, soil treatment and remediation, golf courses.
  Animals Animals
Animal feed additive, animal waste treatment, fish farms and pet care products.
  Water Treatment Water Treatment
Municipal and industrial water treatment. Ammonia and heavy metal removal.
  Swimming Pool Filtration Swimming Pools
Filter medium for swimming pool filters. Replaces sand and improves filter performance.
  Construction Materials Construction
Construction materials, lightweight concrete, ceramics and frits.
  Industrial uses Industry
Absorbant, dehumidification, gas seperation, filtration.
  Health Health
Human dietary supplement, diarrhea treatment, absorbent for personal care products.
    Health and Personal Care  
Foot Care
Personal Hygiene
Natural zeolites are not only good for animals, humans too can benefit from their special properties. Micronized calcium magnesium clinoptilolite can be used as a dietary supplement for humans and is a powerful detoxifying agent. It adsorbs heavy metals by ion exchange, releasing calcium and magnesium which are essential minerals. It can also adsorb toxins such as alcohol from the body, and in Cuba zeolite is used to treat diarrhea.
Also in Cuba, mineworkers noticed that zeolite helped to quickly heal small cuts and abrasions to the skin. Other reports suggest that zeolite can help skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, although these effects have not been fully studied as yet.
Zeolites are used in many personal care and feminine hygiene products as a natural moisture and odour absorbent. They do not harm the environment when they are disposed of, unlike some of the synthetic alternatives which are used.
Another application of micronized zeolite is in foot care. Zeolite absorbs perspiration and odours and can be used directly on the feet, and in shoes to keep them odour free. Zeolite is also a highly effective cure for athlete's foot.
Most healthcare and medicinal applications of zeolites require further studies to fully understand how they work, but it is clear that zeolites have many potential uses in this field. There are even studies which suggest that zeolites may be able to treat certain types of cancer, and further work is being done in this area.
For more information on research and new developments in the application of zeolite technology in the field of healthcare, please consult the R+D page of this website.
We can supply the purest micronized clinoptilolite zeolite found anywhere in the world, and we are happy to supply research organizations, universities and companies who wish to study the effects of this mineral in any healthcare application. Please contact us if you are interested in developing any of the application areas mentioned on this page.
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